At Matt Myette Landscaping, we provide quality carpentry services that are designed to enhance the exterior of your home and outside areas. From deck building, fence construction, siding installation and more, we provide premium construction services using quality products for home and business owners in greater Morrisville and Lamoille County, Vermont. Are you ready to update the exterior of your home and add instant curb appeal? Contact us today, and ask about our wide range of exterior carpentry services which are designed to add beauty and symmetry to your outdoor space while increasing the overall value of your home or business.

Custom Deck Design, Installation, Replacement, Repair & Restoration

Building a deck can add instant pizzazz and functionality to the exterior of your home. The professional design experts at Matt Myette Landscaping will work with you to ensure that the finished project will be the correct size and type to match your activities and lifestyle along with ensuring that the housing codes are met in regards to rail height and any other specifics. We can also add a wide range of design features to improve the comfort of your outdoor living space. Design features include planters, pergolas, seating, and arbors to add uniquely appealing design elements to your new or restored deck. With decades of experience, our carpenters and construction experts are familiar with Vermont weather and will ensure that your decking is securely caulked and sealed to protect against the harsh Vermont winters. Are you in need of deck repair or restoration? Our skilled restoration specialists can also repair your deck and provide a coat of sealant to preserve the wood.

Fence Building, Installation, Replacement & Fencing Repair

Winters in Vermont can be extreme and cold weather in particular can prematurely age your fencing. If your existing fencing is need of repair, the experts at Matt Myette Landscaping can take care of if for you. If your fence is damaged, the first thing that you will need to consider is if your fence can be repaired or if you are in need of a complete replacement. Our experienced design specialists will work with you on your new fence design and placement to enhance the visual appearance of your outdoor space. The type of fence that you choose plays an important role in the design, curb appeal and security of your home. The type of construction materials that were used in your fence have a direct correlation to the overall cost of the replacement materials used in your repairs. For example, wood fences can be repaired using standard lumber and replacement panels. At Matt Myette Landscaping, our fencing repair services also include refinishing, and replacement of rails, sections, and posts.

Siding Repair, Installation & Replacement Services

Your home’s siding is important to both the comfort and appearance of your home. If you are in need of siding repair for your home or business, our experienced team of carpenters can help by professionally repairing, replacing on installing new siding. There are many different types and styles of siding available, and the experts at Matt Myette Landscaping will work with you to find the best match for your property by considering the overall design and style of your home. Siding repair and replacement services also include installation of flashing, professional caulking and painting. We provide quality services using the best products available on the market for your complete customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

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