Landscaping Excavation Construction & Grading Slopes

Matt Myette Landscaping of Morrisville, Vermont serving Lamoille County, is a full service landscaping contractor offering a number of services for installation, maintenance and care for the vegetation of your landscape. We are completely licensed and insured to offer our professional expertise and services to the community at prices that are affordable. With our technicians having the advanced training, experience in the industry, and remarkable skills, they are more than qualified to perform any service we offer. Matt Myette Landscaping utilizes premium products and equipment to ensure our valued customers receive nothing less than maximum results.

Soil Preparation for Landscaping

Matt Myette Landscaping includes landscape excavation services to our commercial and residential customers. Sometimes, a newly designed landscape calls for the movements of large amounts of soil. This may be needed to solve a drainage problem or simply provide a level of excitement and aesthetic appeal. In addition, when first deciding on installing a specific landscape design, getting the electrical and watering system installed, preparing the soil for optimal growth, and having the free range to plant the particular plants you want incorporated requires a clean slate for ultimate results. With Matt Myette Landscaping, we will excavate the land to prepare for your landscape project. Unearthing the enriched soil can stimulate proper and healthy growth, and with excavation you can created various depths and grades to incorporate in your landscape.

Site Grading & Slope

Grading consists of two basic operations: cutting and filling. A cut involves removing dirt (for example cutting into a hillside) while a fill involves adding dirt to the original grade. Site grading achieves two goals. The first is functional and involves creating relatively flat areas for walks etc. The second purpose enhances the aesthetic and sensory qualities of the site. It is important to remember that a totally flat area can be just as undesirable as an excessively steep slope as water will collect and remain in a flat area. For this reason, Matt Myette Landscaping recommends a slight slope to play areas, patios, and other common areas of use.

Landscaping Excavation Construction & Grading Slopes in Greater Morrisville, Stowe & Lamoille County, Vermont

If you are looking to excavate your commercial or residential land in preparation for landscaping, whether you are doing it yourself or want to take advantage of our expertise, contact Matt Myette Landscaping and let our experienced specialists put our quality tools and equipment to work to achieve your goals. Call Matt Myette Landscaping today to learn more about landscape excavation.

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