Different Types of Natural Stone Walls in Stowe, VT; Split Face, Veneer, Fieldstone, Antique Granite & More

The natural stone walls or retaining walls are an especially increasing popular trend that is being implemented into landscape designs. From stonework with various materials and masonry work, unique creations to make beautiful walls are created. There are several ideas that can fit your budget and style for stonework in your landscaping that we at Matt Myette Landscaping would like to take the opportunity to share today.

Split Face/Mosaic Wall

Also known as split face walls, the mosaic wall is freshly broken fieldstone or quarried stone. Required to be mortared together, the split stone has one very flat side that is used to face the wall for sturdiness.

Stone Veneer Wall

The face stones are adhered to a structural concrete base or backing, the veneer wall is a mortared stone wall. Among other applications, the veneer walls, available in many types of stone, is often used on houses and foundations. With large flat face exposed and is similar to Colonial and fieldstone that are naturally flat stones the veneer stone ranges 1” to 4” thick and the wall is pieced together.

Fieldstone Walls

The stone that is harvested from the ground or field are more rounded, as opposed to the freshly broken stone as it tumbled in the ground for centuries. Price will increase according to the batches of size, shape, and color though fieldstone is fairly cost effective generally. Fieldstone is very versatile and are applicable for retaining walls, stonewalls, and freestanding walls. Whether it is dry laid or set with mortar fieldstone walls has its advantages depending on the method.

Modular Block Wall

Masonry walls are manufactured from concrete wall blocks and come in a number of styles with different systems. In a dry laid system, they are quicker to install compared to natural stone walls. Modular block walls are efficient, appealing, and cost-effective.

Antique Granite Wallstone

Commonly used in posts, cobble stones, curbing, and steps that is split into rectangular pieces, quarried white granite is easy to manipulate pieces that are put together for a tight-fitting wall. An antique granite stonewall is created ideally by dry-stacking or can it be mortared.

Colonial Wallstone

A very agreeable option is the flat stone that derives from the bluestone quarries and is created from the cast-off pieces that are not of adequate size for flat bluestone patio stones. The softer stone is easy to work with by chisel and hammer to make Colonial wallstone and the freshly broken to produce very tight fitting, consistent and clean finishes.

Stone Work & Masonry Construction in Greater Morrisville, Stowe & Lamoille County, Vermont

Stone walls are easily designed and add beautiful enhancements to any landscape. With the beauty and durability, the stone walls are very reliable and effective. Call in the experts of Matt Myette Landscaping in the event you want your stone walls upgrades or are in the need of other masonry projects. To be sure your masonry projects are completed with quality products and workmanship, we consult with you about your options, determine your tastes and work out your budget. Call us today to schedule your appointment so we can get your project started!

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