Fall Lawn Care Schedule to Protect Grass in Winter; Preparing Soil & Garden in Stowe, VT

This fall homeowners are hard at work preparing the homes and landscaping for the upcoming winter. With the “To Do” list only getting longer, there are some things that should take priority. Your lawn for example, requires attention in the fall before the coldness of winter takes hold if you want your lawn looking green and lush and feel soft and dense under your feet. With that in mind, we at Matt Myette Landscaping would like to offer some tips and suggestions to help you prepare your lawn for winter this fall.

List of Lawn Care Tools & Equipment

To get started, procure the following items before get started to conduct the care with more efficiency.
– Top Dressing
– Shovel
– Rake
– Horticulture Grade Sand
– Garden Fork Aerator
– Fertilizer
– Broom

Fall Lawn Care Schedule & Tips

1) Clear away all the waste. Building on the surface, thatch, or dead grass, impedes drainage, prevents the strong growth of grass, encourages moss, and harbors fungal diseases. To remove the thatch, and any other embedded debris or moss along with the leaves, sticks, and debris rake the lawn firmly. Dispose of the collected yard waste accordingly.
2) Improve the drainage and aeration. With the garden fork or aerator, spike holes into the lawn all over the surface to aerate it, improving drainage.
3) Even out the holes. Permitting the air and water to pass freely into the root zone is achieved by exclusively using horticultural grade sand to brush dry fine sand into the holes to prevent them from closing up.
4) Top dressing application. To help improve drainage and to level out hollows, use the back of a rake or a brush to work the top-dressing into the grass evenly and spread dry top-dressing over the surface.
5) Apply fall fertilizer. Ensure your fertilizer application is evenly spread out. Make certain prior to application the fertilizer is ideal for your lawn and problem weeds.

Fall Lawn Maintenance Terminology

To further assist on your fall lawn maintenance, we have compiled some terms used frequently regarding fall maintenance.
Anti-Desiccant: Anti-desiccants is a type of foliage spray that is engineered to help trees retain moisture during cold conditions.
Lawn Aeration: Allowing for access to nutrients, water, and oxygen, lawn aeration is the removing of plugs of soil in an effort to eliminate the compaction in the soil.
Lawn Fertilization: An application that promotes vegetation growth with efficient and routine use; a primary strategy for preventing snow mold.
Micro-nutrients: Essential nutrients that encourage proper growth that is typically administered to plants in small doses.
Power Seeding: Power seeding is technique used to efficiently deposit seed to a yard in conjunction with turning up the soil to achieve the correct seed-to-soil contact.
Pre-emergent weed control: A preventative treatments used to hinder future weed growth.
Reseeding: A method used to apply grass seed to the sparse areas of your lawn to enhance the thickness and density.
Snow mold: Under the winter snow blankets, root rot develops due to a fungus type disease that develops in wet, cold weather.
Soil enrichment: Soil enrichment enhances the quality and health of your soil by the adding of organic supplements and microbes.
Yard Fertilizer: Fertilizer is a mixture of compounds and nutrient materials that contributes in facilitating healthy growth.

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