Is Calcium Chloride Deicer to Melt Ice & Snow Safe for My Lawn & Plants in Elmore, VT?

During the winter, snow removal is a must. The problem is, that ice melt used to get rid of the snow will often cause damage to the landscaping; this includes your lawn. There are some ice melts out there that are safer than others and will still remove snow just as well. Matt Myette Landscaping is here to talk about the effects of calcium chloride on your lawn and offer some other solutions as well to remove the snow and ice this winter.

Steer Clear of Rock Salt

Rock salt is one of the worst things you can use to remove snow and ice from your walkways. The pH levels are so high that it ends up burning your lawn if it comes in contact with it. You should avoid rock salt at all costs as there are several other options out there that offer great results.

Calcium Chloride to Melt Ice & Snow

While rock salt is a horrible choice, ice melts that include calcium chloride can be a better choice. While this is a much safer option than rock salt, it is still corrosive and should be used sparingly. However, calcium chloride has been proven to soil in the root zone and stimulate growth in the process. If you use too much of it or if the melting ice and snow makes large amounts of calcium chloride to saturate the grass around walkways, you could damage the root system rather than stimulate growth.

Alternatives; Ways to Melt Ice Without Salt

There are many eco-friendly solutions to help you remove ice and snow from your walkways this winter. Here are a list of things that you can find naturally in the environment that offer clear drive and walkways.
Horticultural Sand– While this may not completely remove any snow or ice from your walkways, but it will provide traction for those that are walking or driving on it.
Sawdust– Has the same effects on snow and ice that sand does.
Sugar Beet Juice– This is effective in temperatures warmer than -25C. This works by lowering the freezing point of water.
Alfalfa Meal– This works to melt snow all while providing traction. You should be aware that you may have alfalfa sprouting in the spring if you choose this option.
Remove Snow– This is the most eco-friendly option out there. As it snows, remove it before it accumulates on your walkways and driveways, turning to ice. You can either remove snow by hand yourself or call a landscaping company like Matt Myette Landscaping to remove it for you!

Calcium Chloride Lawn Repair

If your lawn has been damaged by large amounts of calcium chloride this spring, the best way to fix it will be extra water. This will help flush out the calcium chloride and allow your grass to start growing again. If there has been a significant amount of damage done, you may have to re-seed.

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Lawn care doesn’t end when the weather cools off, there is plenty to consider as we move through the winter season. At Matt Myette Landscaping, we can help give you the lawn design of your dreams and keep your lawn healthy no matter what season is it. Call us today!

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