Landscape Design Mistakes to Avoid in Stowe, VT; Hardscapes, Softscapes & More

Coming up with an idea for landscaping is not as easy as you think. Skill is required for landscape design. Professionals have a keen eye and are trained to see what will look great and work well with all the factors involved. If you’re a newcomer to landscape design then there are things you should avoid.

Common Mistakes in Landscape Design

1. You need to make sure you think about how the space will be used and not just copy the front of a magazine. If your dog uses one corner of the yard to urinate then don’t plant a flowerbed there. If you have kids that like to practice their soccer skills then make sure you leave an open space. You won’t enjoy your yard if you focus on beauty and ignore function.
2. You need to consider how your landscape will look at night. If you don’t take steps to do this you’ll waste hours of enjoyment so don’t forget lighting. You and your guests will enjoy the yard and feel safe if your porch, walkways and paths are well-lit. Well-placed lighting allows you to enjoy landscape elements well into the evening hours.
3. Going into a landscape design without a plan is a mistake. This leads to wasted time wasted money and the final result will look like a mess that was just thrown together. A thorough plan needs to be put in place to fit the shape and style of your yard and the house.
4. It’s easy to go crazy with flowers if you love them but your landscape will look cluttered and disorganized if you plant too many different flowers. You will have a great look of unity and repetition when a carefully selected array of plants and flowers are used.
5. Hardscapes are just as important as softscapes. Supporting layers like patios, stone walls, arbors, gazebos and fences are just as important as all the pretty flowers and plants you’ve planted. Hardscape features and structures are the bones of your landscape.
6. One of the biggest mistakes in landscaping is planting in the wrong spot. If you plant a shade-loving tree in the sun or a tree that will mature to 40 feet tall next to a porch, you’re doomed. The structure of a pool deck or patio can be threatened if trees and shrubs are planted too close to them.
7. If you want to enjoy your landscape all year long then you need to choose plants trees and shrubs that will allow it. If you choose the showy colors of summer plants and flowers and don’t think about the other seasons it will look lifeless the rest of the year.
8. If you ignore the water needs of your new landscape design, you’ll be disappointed. Correct irrigation needs to be set in place before the plants go in and all your plants won’t require the same watering times so you need to have it set up correctly.

Landscape Design Ideas in Greater Morrisville, Stowe & Lamoille County, Vermont

If you want to avoid making any of these mistakes then contact the professionals at Matt Myette Landscaping to plan a landscape that will have you enjoying your outdoor space while increasing the value of your property. Contact us today for a consultation.

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