Snow Removal in Hyde Park, VT; Snow Blower VS Plow Service for Long Driveways & More

As white crystals blanket everything in sight, the freshly fallen snow is a sight to be seen. Unfortunately, that snow is on your sidewalks and driveway and for your safety and to be able to move freely and with ease, it needs to be removed. When people want to take care of the snow themselves, they have a few choices and whether they decide to choose plow or a blower, it can leave some wondering which the best method is. The most efficient is to hire Matt Myette Landscaping and let our trained experts remove the snow for you, but in the event you want to do it yourself, we would like to look at pros and cons of the snow blower and the plow.

Snow Blower

An independent unit, the snow blower is guided by the user from behind. The basic mechanics are the same, though there are a variety of makes, models, and features to choose from. The basics is that a rotating, spiral blade which picks it up and propels it out the side removes the snow from a designated surface.
1) Safety. It is safer for the user and their property because of the built-in safety features and hands-on control.
2) Size. A snow blower has a compact size that makes it easy to store and simple to maneuver in tight spaces.
3) Efficiency. Smaller driveways and walkways are done exceptionally quickly.
4) Visibility. You can see everything in front of and around you due to the ground level access.
1) Time. A large area can take much longer to clear in comparison to a snow plow
2) Capacity. You will be exposed to the elements during the process of clearing the snow including freezing temperatures, falling snow, or cold wind.
3) Depth. Snowfall up to 6 inches is suited for single-stage snow blowers. Anything deeper requires in a more expensive two-stage or three-stage snow blower machine.
4) Capacity. Light and fluffy snow is exceptional with the smaller, single-stage snow blowers. However, the design lacks power and it can be difficult for it to handle snow that is heavy and has a lot of moisture. Designed for heavier snow are the two-stage or three-stage snow blowers, which can be expensive.

Snow Plow

Affixed to the front of a commercial vehicle, ATV, or UTV, and used to effectively scoop and move snow with a curved, angled blade is a snow plow accessory.
1) Capacity. For larger applications such as long driveways or parking lots, a snow plow is a great solution.
2) Speed. A snow plow can quickly and effortlessly clear large volumes of snow with it attached to the right vehicle.
3) Reliability. If it is attached to a dependable vehicle, there is little that can go wrong with the snow plow itself, it can provide years of reliable service.
1) Visibility. An increased chance of an accident or damage to the vehicle or property can occur as the visibility is reduced at ground level.
2) Cost. In addition to the cost of vehicle purchase and operation, purchasing a heavy duty snow plow is a big investment
3) Damage. Damage to your vehicle, lawn, structural components and surfaces such as brick or loose stone from the increased speed, limited visibility, and a powerful motor.
4) Limitations. A snow plow render is it ineffective for clearing areas such as a deck or patio, sidewalks or paths, and short to medium sized driveways because of the size and power of a snow plow.
5) Storage. Due to the size restrictions, it can be a challenge to find a space for the equipment to be stored.

Snow Removal & More in Greater Morrisville, Stowe & Lamoille County, Vermont

Matt Myette Landscaping offers snow removal services to avoid running to the dilemma of picking an effective do it yourself method and you can save time in the long run. Contact us today!

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