Advantages & Functions of Building a Residential or Commercial Retaining Wall on a Slope in Cambridge, VT

Adding a retaining wall to your commercial or residential property may not seem like the most important project to do, but if it has crossed your mind than it might be more beneficial than you even realize. The weather in Vermont could be contributing to that solution, but the landscaping showing the effects of soil erosion might be the primary cause as to why you think your residential or commercial property could use a retaining wall. No matter why you are considering installing a retaining wall, there are quite a few reasons as to how it can reduce several of your problems. We at Matt Myette Landscaping would like to share some of the advantages of what a retaining wall can add to your commercial or residential landscaping.

Functions of a Retaining Wall

Landscape of both commercial and residential properties alike has a tendency to slope. Where the sloped landscapes have a beautiful aesthetic, the biggest problem is that the plants cannot root and anchor efficiently for very long. Extreme winds, over exposure to sunlight, intense weather conditions, and long gray winter days all contribute to the durability of the plant’s abilities. In an effort to help create a vertical planting landscape instead of a horizontal one, a retaining wall can protect against the assaulting environmental hazards as well as contain both the soil and water runoff.

Additional benefits to investing in a retaining wall include the following:
1) Commercial Attraction. A busy shopping center with your business in the can be blend in too easily. A retaining wall can draw customer focus subconsciously to your business. On the other hand, utilizing the slopes and retaining wall, you can design a little privacy outdoor nook for your customers. Whether your business is shopping or dining, they can have an ambient atmosphere without feeling like they are on display for the public where they can find peace with distractions and disruptive passersby.
2) Residential Added Space. A retaining wall can easily increase the accessibility to more space safely and comfortably. Looking to expand your outdoor living space with a terrace, patio, deck, or even an outdoor kitchen can grant the possibility with a retaining wall.
3) Increase Safety in Surrounding Areas. Both commercial and residential properties can prevent water from running off into roads and into other areas that could cause safety hazards by installing retaining walls. The rain can form unexpected waterfalls that can block traffic and affect pedestrians and nearby storefronts as well with flooding issues if the slopes are high enough.

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When it comes to retaining walls, there are many varieties to choose from that can look charming in any landscaping. With the different materials and designs, the retaining wall can not only be functional, but it can be an aesthetically pleasing addition to your property. The artisans of Matt Myette Landscaping have the experience and craftsmanship to help you get the perfect retaining wall right for your commercial or residential property. Call us today to schedule your consultation and let us get started!

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