Best Outdoor Decking Material in Morristown, VT; Pressure Treated Lumber Deck Boards & More

Are you ready for the cold weather to take a break? The cold weather was very welcome after a hot summer but as we come to an end people are starting to prepare for the spring. The spring weather is a great time of year to spend outdoors. Many people will start their gardens and have their landscaping prepped for growth. The spring is also a time to look at what additions you may want to have in your outdoor space. One addition that is a great investment and will give you joy all year is an outdoor deck. The deck is an extension of your home and can be used to host a party or just the weather. Having the right size and color deck can add value to your home as well. You want to make sure that you know what you want when you decide on a new deck.

Matt Myette Landscaping List Materials that Can Be Used to Build Your New Deck

Pressure Treated Lumber Deck Boards: If you want a material that is used quite often on decks then a pressure treated lumber is the way to go. It is a type of wood that is milled and prepared for use by adding chemicals to the wood. This is what gives it that well known green tint. The wood is a great idea for people that are a little tight on their budget because it is more affordable. The wood can also withstand some elements that often plaque the wood decks such as pests and rot. The treatment that the wood receives is a preventative measure for these types of events. One of the downfalls of choosing this type of wood is that it has been known to chip or crack easier than a harder wood.
Cedar or Redwood Decks: If you love the smell and feel of nature then a real cedar wood or redwood deck is the way to go. It is worth the extra cost to get that beautiful look of a real hard wood deck that is made from solid wood. The great thing is that you are getting wood that is not full of chemicals which happens to also be the downfall. The lack of these chemical agents means that your wood will more likely become damaged from wood boring insects or rot. You can still prevent many of these things by having it treated or sealed after it has been installed.
Tropical Hardwood Decking: Another wood option that you have is to use a tropical wood that has to be shipped to the area for use. It is a beautiful and elegant option but can be quite difficult to have installed. The wood is heavy because of the denseness which makes it hard to cut and install. Be ready to pay extra for this type of wood because it not as readily available as other local wood.

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