Dwarf Trees Landscaping in Morrisville, VT; Small Fast Growing Shade Trees to Plant

Not everyone has big front or back yards anymore. For those with smaller yards you’re going to want some trees for shade cover. However, you don’t want an oversized tree stealing all the room and growing into your home. Matt Myette Landscaping has a few suggestions for some of the best trees to use in smaller yards. Here are some of the most popular trees seen in smaller yards throughout Vermont.

Amur Maple Growth Rate

Amur Maple is considered a smaller growing tree that is great for smaller yards and small scale landscaping. The tallest amur maple tree reaches up to 30 feet, with a round top shape. In the tree’s earlier stages of life, it will need regular pruning and trimming to create the dominate shape of the tree. The amur maple tree has green leaves that change color from green to red as the fall and winter seasons approach. Amur maple trees are a fast growing tree if it receives plenty of water and fertilizer.

Crabapple Tree Facts

Crabapple Trees are great for smaller yards with lot of sunlight and air circulation. These trees bloom brightly colored flowers and fruit. Depending on the species of crabapple tree you have, the fruit can be edible. Great for bringing colors to your smaller yard, crabapple trees grow up to 20 feet tall.

Eastern Redbud Trees

Eastern Redbud Trees are a moderate growing tree that can reach up to 30 feet. The eastern redbud tree has reddish color twigs with reddish–purple leaves that fade to a rich green color by summer. In spring the eastern redbud tree will have colorful pink or purplish blossoms just before the leaves emerge. Specialized pruning may be involved to help control the tree’s shape as it grows. Often branches will start very low to the ground. If not pruned correctly, the rest of the tree’s growth will look odd.

Flowering Dogwood Tree Height

Flowering Dogwood Trees is Vermont’s state tree. Known for its beautiful white blossoms, this 30 foot tree is very popular throughout Vermont for obvious reasons. The flowering dogwood tree blossoms can vary in color from white to pink and red as well. The beautiful spring blossoms will eventually turn into fruit or small berry like seed pods, which are often consumed by birds.

Golden Rain Privacy Trees

Golden Rain Trees are a slightly taller tree that can reach up to 40 feet in length and 40 feet in width that make a globe or vase shape. Great for privacy, the golden rain tree requires less water than other trees and does well in different soil types. They bloom lantern shaped yellow flower pods, adding a little bit of color to your yard. Not recommended for super small yards, it is a good tree for yards with some space to grow.

Hedge Maple Trees

Hedge Maple has a rounder form with lower hanging branches. The hedge maple tree is a slow growing tree that can grow up to 35 feet tall. Great for dense shade, this green leaf tree is a popular choice for smaller yards. However it does grow tall enough to reach power lines, so be careful of the trees placement.

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These are six great examples of trees that will make even a small yard bright and colorful. Some will provide great shade, as well as some additional privacy. If you’re landscaping a smaller yard and want a tree for shade and color, these are some of the most popular choices. If you need help designing and landscaping your yard, contact Matt Myette Landscaping today.

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