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Are you looking to increase the curb appeal of your front yard or the beauty of your backyard? There are options that you can take and changes you can make to make a beautiful impact. Updating the landscaping with trees, bushes, shrubs and gardens can increase the curb appeal and the value of the home. Another area that is often overlooked and left with the generic concrete is the walkways. The walkways in most homes start as a standard concrete path. Concrete can be a great product to use as a walkway but there are other options to increase the appeal such as by using slate for your walkways. You can upgrade the walkways that already exist or you can add walkways to create a path to other areas of your property.

Matt Myette Landscaping Explains What Slate is & Why it is a Great Material to Use for Your Walkways

Slate Definition & Meaning: If you are using slate for your outdoor space you may want to know more about it. Slate is a great natural stone that is a rock composed of clay and ash. The rock is considered metamorphic and when it goes through the process out in the elements it can be harvested. The pieces are then shaped and used for many different purposes. This type of stone is often grey in color but can come in many different shades. The darkness or lightness will all depend on the area, region and elements surrounding the process.
What is Slate Used for?: Slate is a natural stone and can be used in many areas of the home. You can use the stone indoors for flooring and counters. You can also use the slate in many areas outdoors. It can be found in roofing tiles, decks and walkways. Slate is a great outdoor option because it is durable and great in the outdoor elements whether it is rain, snow or sun.
Types Of Slate Stone: There are several types of slate that each are unique in their own characteristics. Choosing the right slate for your walkway can be difficult so asking for the help of a knowledgeable landscaper is wise. You can choose Brazilian Slate that is known for its dark coloring resembling extremely close to black. The great thing about the Brazilian slate that the coloring can change in the same piece drastically. African Slate is another option if you are looking for a slate that is bold with color. The colors can range from orange to blue spread throughout the grey coloring.
What Slate Finishes Are Available: If you choose slate for your outdoor walkways you can choose a style of slate then you can also choose a finish. Depending on the level of shine that you want you can choose from a clefted, honed or polished slate. The professional can order or finish the slate in the way that you want. A polished stone is not a great option for outdoors because they can be quite slick. The honed finish is best and is uses a level of sanding to create some texture to keep the stone from being slippery.

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