Landscaping Designs for Creating a Child Friendly Garden with Children’s Play Area in Elmore, VT

Many homeowners have a false impression because they have young children in the home; they can’t enjoy a beautiful landscape. That is not the case in the slightest, not only can you enjoy a landscape that offers charm and curb appeal, but you can easily incorporate some kid friendly features to help keep them busy. We at Matt Myette Landscaping would like to list several ideas for a family friendly landscape.

Creating Child Friendly Garden & Play Area Designs

1) Outdoor Pet & Kid Game Area: With many families including the faithful pooch, your landscape can have a sectioned designed to keep the kids and pup busy. Complete with games and obstacle courses you can ensure the little ones and the furry friend are well entertained while surrounded by lush grass and your favorite vegetation.
2) Fire Pit, Grill & Sports Area: In the center of the yard lays a fire pit or built in grill, complete with benches and favorite games such as volleyball, croquet, or even badminton. Your landscape can be reminiscent of a park where the little ones can play and you can entertain friends and family or simply relax.
3) Outdoor Mini Golf: Whether you only have one hole or three holes, a mini golf course can keep the kids busy for hours and give you the opportunity to work on your putt.
4) Contained Sandbox: Having the landscape just so with an adorable featured sandbox fitting of the surrounds can keep the sand contained with a beautiful accessory that can encourage your kids to use their imaginations. A sandbox made from an old rowboat or something similar is an example.
5) Playhouse: A custom sandbox can be your centerpiece or just accessory next to the playhouse where the kids can have their own special hideaway in the midst of your favorite trees and vines.
6) Hammock: Love trees? If you have two set just right, indulge in a hammock perfect for you to relax and watch the kids play on the soft grass or even snuggle up with one on a beautiful night to watch the stars.
7) Basketball Court: dedicate a portion of the yard for a half sized court and the other side can feature all of the plants and trees you are partial to along with a section of turf perfect for relaxing after the game.
8) Garden Seating Area: Go all out in your landscaping with many creative additions to make the space complete for everyone’s needs such as one, some or all of the following ideas:
– Mobile
– Lounging Cabanas
– Indoor-Outdoor Couch
– Grilling Area
– Game Lawn
– Fire Pit
9) Seesaw Under Pergola: On one end of the yard set up a relaxing area under a curtained pergola with outside dining option or a quiet place to read and keep a watchful eye over the little ones hard at play on green grass and a custom made seesaw.
10) In Ground Trampoline: You don’t have to stick with the cookie-cutter landscape and trampoline that bulks up the yard, but instead build out some dirt and make the trampoline level with grass and surround it with padded pillows to watch the kids actively release energy or a comfy place where the family converges for relaxation. Or instead of the traditional trampoline, put in a strip of tumble mats the line with flower beds to give the kids practice with their tumbles and a safe area to play.

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No matter what you have in mind for your family friendly landscape, Matt Myette Landscaping can help you achieve it while offering lawn maintenance services to keep the plants, grass, and trees in tip top condition. Contact us today!

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