Types of Stone Landscape Elements in Morristown, VT; Decorative Gravel Rock & More

Are you ready to have your landscape designed and implemented then you need to know what you want. You will need to not only look at the layout with your landscape designer but you need to make some decisions about what plants, grass and shrubs. The other area that you will need to look into is the hardscape. The hardscape of your property is important for many reasons. One is that it is usually the paths that are taken to get around the lawn such as pavers. You also may have some stones laid on the walls as d├ęcor. Also you need to decide if you want any seating areas that will be used to sit, grill or install a fire pit. If you want to have hardscape installed with your homes new landscape design it is best to know what type of stone you want to have used.

Matt Myette Landscaping Lists Stone that Can Be Used in Your Hardscape

Decorative Gravel Rock: When someone decides that they want to have gravel used in their hardscape this is the most common way. Gravel is not the type of stone but it is the shape and size of the stone. The stone is cut down into smaller pieces and laid out in an area that is supposed to be a walkway or path. One issue with gravel is that it can come loose and the pieces can get in the lawn. This can be a problem when you are trying to care for the rest of the lawn.
Fieldstone Rock: This is a type of stone that is used often times on the face of the wall to give a full stone and eclectic feel. The fieldstone got its name because they were often found out in fields and collected for other uses. The stone is usually left ragged and unfinished and cut into square and rectangular pieces. The stone also will allow the wall to show off some depth as a way to add a visual impact to the area.
Granite Paving Rocks: The place you think of when someone says granite is probably your kitchen or bathroom. It is a great stone to use as countertop and flooring option in your home but it is not strictly for that. Granite is great for outdoor areas as well. If you are having an outdoor kitchen or cooking area then granite may be a great option. Granite is an igneous rock that is formed when the magma level cools offs. When this occurs granite is left with many different colors as well as crystals that are found among the stone as well. If you use granite in your outdoor area they often offer a different finish. A shined finish may become too slippery when left outdoors among the elements.

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If you are looking to upgrade your landscape and you want to add hardscaping it is best to hire a professional that has experience and can guide you in the right direction. Matt Myette Landscaping offers professional landscape design and lawn care services.

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