Landscaping Questions & Answers in Cambridge, VT; Is Professional Lawn Care Better than DIY & More?

When it comes to the care and maintenance of your lawn and landscaping, there are plenty of questions you want answered. We at Matt Myette Landscaping have compiled a handful of the most common frequently asked questions and answered them to help in the effort to help you keep your landscape in tip top shape.

Landscape Care & Maintenance Questions to Ask

Q: How can I maximize my seeding?
The tiny roots of the newly germinated grass seeds can quickly dry out causing it to die because of the shallowness so it is essential to maintain good soil moisture for the first 4 weeks after seeding. Once matured the watering schedule can be cut back, but recently seeded lawns should be water daily.
Q: What is the importance of fertilizer?
To maintain the lawn’s health and vigor, fertilizer is essential. Fertilizer, when properly applied at the right time, can increase the lawn health, making it thicker, as well as fight off weeds, drought, and disease.
Q: Why do I need to focus on weed control?
Without weed control, the weeds will eventually win because the weeds aggressively compete with grass for water, nutrients, space, and light. In addition to weed control, proper mowing, watering, and fertilization the lawn can better choke out weeds and stay healthier.
Q: Following lawn treatments, how soon can I mow the lawn or let pets on it?
We recommend waiting 24 hours for optimal outcome to ensure the treatments can absorb into the lawn and soil, but technically speaking, you are free to mow the same day.
Q: Anything I should know about mowing the lawn?
Lawns should be left at least 3” long during the growing season. If you are uncertain about the length, just know you should be able to walk across your lawn and leave behind a slight imprint and then see it spring back up.
Q: Is my lawn beneficial with grub or insect control?
Grub and insect control is recommended annually to ensure they are not causing damage to the lawn, but grubs and insects are typically in every lawn.
Q: Is professional lawn care better than DIY?
Professionals are armed with training and experience, the different problems arise, and a trained professional can apply their expertise to resolve the problem before it escalates. Investing in a professional not only saves you time trying to do it all yourself, but also gives you the maximum outcome with healthier lawns with the fertilizer, mowing, and watering.
Q: After a recent weed control or pre-emergent treatment, can I still seed?
A pre-emergent will keep the new seed from germinating; if you have already conducted a spring pre-emergent in the spring, you must wait until the fall to seed. Most weed control products require 7-10 days before any treatments seeding, and the lawn should be mowed 1-2 times before performing any seeding.

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