Hardscaping Materials & Construction for Your New Landscape Design & Build in Morristown, VT

Want to break away from solid concrete pathway and driveways? There is something about paving stones that offers a classic organic look versus the standard poured concrete. With modern technologies and incorporated color, concrete can be given a look that mimics paving stone or brick. In fact, with molds available you can make your own pavers. But commercial pavers provide patterns and textures that improve the design and look of the paving. Sidewalks and driveways are options that will crank up the curb appeal of your home. Foot pathways are only limited by the imagination with the natural stone look or creations that offer varying sizes and colors that can be combined for effective visual appreciation. Also brick and paving stones can be stacked to provide planters and yard compositions.

Hardscape & Softscape Factors

Your property is a combination of soft and hardscapes. Softscapes are lawn, foliage, flowers and trees. Hardscapes are sidewalks, walls, stairs, driveways and retaining walls. Materials used are wood, stone and concrete products. Pergolas, patios and planters are included.

Decorative Concrete

Concrete can be decorative. Molds and stamps can change the surface. With the ability to include color within the concrete, making color go throughout the product there is no problem with wear, chips and cracks as the color goes all the way through. For variety in pattern and color, concrete or natural products are good. Pavers are basically slabs or bricks used in driveways and walkways to add variety in color and patterns. With brick or other products planters can be built to provide and separated planting areas.

Backyard Design Feature Ideas

Wood structures can provide shade, but you can still enjoy being outdoors. Hot tubs, jacuzzi and swimming pools with waterfalls and caves contribute to the yards design and area treated as hardscaping elements. These can contribute to the ‘look and feel’ of the yard if planned well. But if not blended with the other elements they can distract from the overall theme or look.

Vegetable Gardens

Gardening is soft-scaping, but with a difference. An edible garden provides both green and something good for you. Growing your own vegetables helps the budget, provides green growth and puts food on the table, food that is picked ripe, not green and tastes better than what you can buy in a store. But vegetables are not all, herbs and spices can be nurtured as well. Not only garnishment and table herbs but medical herbs as well. Aloe grown can be used on sunburn and minor scratches to aid the healing process.

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But gardening can be used not only to feed. Ornamental plants can provide pleasing contrasts, even better is contained in some homemade hardscapes. Planters and garden borders will contribute to the overall design. A stream for a pond, it aerates as it flows down stream to the pond, plus you can incorporate an Asian bridge across it if it pleases you. Imagination is all that is need. Even a small yard can be improved to be both productive and relaxing. Matt Myette Landscaping can help you design and build your front and backyard landscape to suit your lifestyle. Contact us to schedule a consultation today!

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