How to Build Outdoor Natural Stone Landscape Stairs in Cambridge, CT; Slab Steps & More

When you are looking to add some fun and function to your landscape there are lots of options. Your landscape is part of the curb appeal of the house and can increase the value of the home. Of course you can use standard landscaping but a great way to set your yard apart from any others is to customize your yard. If you want to stand out one of the best ways to do that is to add masonry and stone work to your landscape. Many homes require some sort of stair to get from the front of the property to the rest of the yard and the front door or patio. Some homes allow the property to be left in a slope while others chose to use stairs. Stairs are a great addition to any home and yard and you can be creative with the materials that are used.

Matt Myette Landscaping Lists Different Ways to Have Stone Steps Installed in Your Landscape

Where to Build Stone Stairs: If you are looking to add some stairs to your property there isn’t a rule. You might need a set of three stairs or more. You might have decided that you want stairs that go from the front of the property to the patio. You might decide that stairs are a great way to get from your back deck to the other areas of your yard. The best way to decide placement for your stone stairs is to use a landscaping company. They are able to layout the plan that will fit best with your property and current landscape.
Stone Slabs for Outdoor Steps: There are several ways to use stone to make stairs in your landscaping. The stairs are something that you want to look good and fit in with the rest of the décor. The stone slab is an option that some people choose to use. There are slabs that are cut to fit a particular size and have a beautiful smooth finish. The slabs are cut into each step separately. The first step needs to be placed properly to ensure that the stairs are even and level. Most stone work if laid on top of crushed rock so that it can be settled into the space. The slabs needs to be placed one at a time and leveled out. The stone slabs are beautiful and smooth but do not have much of a unique look or feel.
Do Exterior Stairs Need Treads & Risers: The other option that you can have is to use tread and risers to build the stairs you want. They are built up one at a time with stone that is used for walls. The thinner strips are placed to fit in the space that is needed. The landscaper may choose to use some mortar to ensure the steps stay in place. On top of the wall stones the tread is placed which is a piece of slab that is cut thin usually about two inches in thickness. This gives a more unique and beautiful look to the house and the stairs.

Stone Work to Build Steps & More in Greater Morrisville, Stowe, Hyde Park, Elmore, Cambridge, Morristown & Lamoille County, Vermont

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