Building Your Landscape in Elmore, CT; How to Build Steps on a Slope or Into a Hill etc

If you want to add to the value and the curb appeal of your home you need to update the landscape. Your yard and property says a lot about the house and making some changes to the way it looks can make a huge impact. There are lots of ways to add to your landscape aside from beautiful grass and an anchor tree. You can also add livable space as well as masonry work to make the visual impact much more appealing. One way that masonry work can help update the look of your landscape is with stairs. You don’t need to have a steep yard to utilize stairs in the landscape layout. You can use them in small increments like three stairs in a small area.

Matt Myette Landscaping Offers Tips for Laying Steps with Masonry Brick or Landscape Blocks

Placement of Landscape Stairs: There are lots of areas that you can choose to use stairs in your landscape. Many homes have a grade up to the front of the house that can use some steps. There are also homes that have a grade from one area of the yard to another. You might want the option to get from one place to the next without walking across the yard. This is when using stairs can come in handy. If you want to have a deck or gazebo built at your house you can use stairs out of stone to get to these areas of the yard. The best thing that you can do is to meet with a landscape company that has the expertise in masonry.
Stair Treads & Risers: One of the best ways to add a visual impact on your yard and landscape is to add different elements. One of the ways to do that is to add stone in masonry work. One of the types of stairs that you can choose from is called tread and riser. The stone that is used to build up the actual step is stone siding. It is the pieces that are placed together to make a step. The step can be as tall or short as would best suit the area. The stones can be held together if necessary and then a top is placed on top. This is what is called the tread. It is made of the same type of stone that the riser is made from and is cut into a larger piece to make up the part that your foot will land on.
Stone Slab Steps: Another option that people like is to use a stone slab. The slab is made from natural stone that is cut into the size and shape of the stair that you want. They can have a nice smooth finished edge or a more unfinished edge to add more texture. The stone is a great option if you want t a full look that is sturdy then a stone slab might be right for you.

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