How to Care & Maintain a Wood Deck in Stowe, VT; Inspection, Repairs, Cleaning & Sealing

Maintaining our deck isn’t usually at the top of our list of things to do. However at the beginning of spring there should be a routine inspection and maintenance of your deck. If you need to schedule it or put it on a calendar, there are a few things you should check for and perform to improve on the longevity of your deck. Matt Myette Landscaping will share a checklist that you should perform yearly in order to maintain and extend the life of your deck.

Deck Inspection Checklist

Wooden decks require yearly maintenance and care to help maintain the structural integrity of the wood. Wood can be damaged by sun, water and wind. This means you must be willing to care for your deck as it needs it. Decks left unattended degrade very quickly and can become unsafe and hazardous. At the start of the year you will want to do an inspection to analyse the current state of your deck.
– Check for loose or corroded fasteners such as nails and screws. If any of the screw or nails appear rusted, broken or have come loose, you will want to replace or tighten them.
– Then inspect the railings, banisters and stairs. Do this by pushing on the railing and banisters. If there is any movement, you have a problem. Look for the source of weakness and try to tighten it back down. This could be due to loose screws or nails.
– After you have done a general check of the structure, do a quick cleaning of the deck. Sweep away any leaves, dust and other debris from off of the surface of the deck. During your cleaning, keep and eye out for mold and mildew. If any was discovered, prepare to do a slightly deeper cleaning. You will want to use bleach or a mold killer that is safe on wood. A pressure washer can help make cleaning decks go much faster. However, don’t ever use too high a pressure on wood. A pressure washer has the power to destroy wood if used incorrectly.
– After you had cleaned the deck you may want to consider applying a deck waterproof sealant to give your wooden deck extra protection for the rest of the year. Sealing your deck will not only provide protection from rain and moisture, but also UV rays from the sun. Water damage can soften your wood which leads to rapid decay. Sun damage will dry out the wood and make it brittle which leads to cracking and breaks in the wood. The damage can make you deck unsafe to walk on. Never skip sealing your deck. Please note that some sealers require a yearly applications and others can last 3 to 5 years in between new coats. Of course the sealers that last longer tend to be more expensive, but cheaper in the long run.

New Wood Carpentry Deck Construction & Existing Deck Inspection, Repair, Restoration & More in Greater Morrisville, Stowe & Lamoille County, Vermont

However there is an alternative. If you are unsure of how to proceed or lack the skill of carpentry, you can also contact a professional. Matt Myette Landscaping can help inspect, repair and restore older decks if needed. We also can create and design a new deck to add to your home or replace your older deck that is beyond repair. Contact Matt Myette Landscaping for all of your carpentry and landscaping needs today.

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