How to Decorate Trees by Hanging Outdoor Christmas Lights on Tree Trunks in Cambridge, VT

Trees, shrubs, and soft beautiful grass strategically planted are the general items found in landscapes. Some may include enchanted stone walkways, fire pits, or something more for the kids, but in any case, with the holiday season in full swing, people are decorating with the traditional lights to get into the Christmas spirit. Adorning the home with an illuminated display provides glimmer and shine, but some go to the extent of lighting up their trees to enhance the design of their landscape and extend their Christmas light display. With that in mind, we at Matt Myette Landscaping would like to briefly touch on the different landscape lighting options you have for your lights.

How to Decorate Trees with Outdoor Christmas Lights

1) Bliss Lighting. Creating an elf-like lighting show in your own yard with a safe refracted laser beam to your wall wash will add sparkle and glitter to your trees.
2) Branch Wrap. Concentrating the lighting design on the bare branches, especially when the tree has several sturdy branches, the winter wonderland is creative and compelling.
3) Extensive Full Wrap. Lighting the landscape with the bright colors of Christmas is the result with the extensive wrap. It envelops the tree trunk, primary branches, and secondary branches with glimmering festive lights offers an enchanting glow to your landscape.
4) Full Wrap. A full wrap is when the lights encase the trunk along with several of the primary branches. You can be creative with unique designs by integrating different colors in specific areas or let the tree have the attention with one primary color.
5) LED Wall Wash. Meticulously placed, LED color-changing lights, are designed to display a delicate ballet of colors washing through your trees; a truly mesmerizing beauties.
6) Snowfall Tubes. The snowfall tubes are diligently hung in the tall branches of trees, much like the lighting spheres. These snowfall tubes can play up your holiday lighting and décor by providing a luminescent magical snowfall.
7) Sphere Lighting. Sphere lighting is just as beautiful on its own or used for the tree wrap as these decorative lighting spheres are hung within the tree branches to emulate a soft, but alluring lighting display.
8) Tree Trunk Wrap. This approach is very basic and simple as the lights are strung along the trunk of the tree only. The trunk is strategically wrapped starting from the ground up to where the limbs branch out.
9) Two Tone. A tree wrapping arrangement to compliment your décor by using widely spaced C7 lights can be the perfect finishing touch.

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Not only can you use the trees in your landscaping to magnify your Christmas light display, but the bushes, fencing, and other customized features in your yard can be utilized to present a rather impressive light show. Along with your perfectly decorated landscaping, you will want the landscape itself to be in pristine order to avoid the lights getting lost in the clutter. Call in the professionals of Matt Myette Landscaping to get your landscape ready for the holidays.

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