Backyard Landscaping Fire Pit Patio Design Ideas for Your Outdoor Living Space in Morristown, VT

Are you tired of not using your outdoor living space in the winter months? There is all that space outside and as soon as it starts to cool off people just abandon the area all together. The space is usable in the spring, summer and fall for the most part. The winter hits and the cold weather is too much to bear which sends everyone into the house. Nothing is better than time outdoors where you can visit and enjoy nature but you want to be able to stay warm. There is a great way to add warmth to your outdoor living area and get more months from your outdoor space. If you want to be the hero of the backyard you need to have a fire pit installed. This is a way that you can spend time in a cool chilly night outdoors. There are many ways to have a fire pit installed as well as types that you can choose from. Depending on your specific needs a landscape company can provide what you need. Be sure you know what options are available and what you want.

Matt Myette Landscaping Lists Options for Your Outdoor Fire Pit Installation

Wood Burning Fire Pit: This is the most classic and common type of fire pit you can choose. The fire pit is something that once it is installed and ready for use needs little maintenance to keep it going. You will need to purchase and chop your own wood to make the fire but there is something magical about a wood burning fire. The other added benefit is that you can have the wood burning pit installed in just about any area. The pit does not need to have an attachment to any type of electricity or gas. That makes it easy and simple. The other benefit is that the supplies to use the pit are affordable and you can even go out and get your own in areas that allow you to pick up downed branches. The pit can be installed with seating surrounding the area or alone so you can use your own patio furniture.
Propane or Natural Gas Fire Pit: If you want to take a modern twist on the fire pit then a gas burning fire pit is the way to go. There are some people that are not allowed to burn wood in their community. If this is the case or you have sensitivity to the wood burning smell then gas is great. You get the same heat in a more controlled way. Another reason that people choose to have a gas fire pit is that it is safer and easier to light. It is as easy as hitting a switch to get the flames to erupt. You can control the amount of flames and shut it off without any hot embers after left behind. You will have a bit more involved with the installation of the gas pit because the line needs to be ran.

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