How to Make Your Spring Flower Garden & Landscape Last Longer in Morrisville, VT; Annuals, Perennials, Bulbs & More

When the weather starts to change and its gets warmer out the plants will start to bloom. The grass starts to grow and the plants that you planted will blossom and look amazing. It always seems that the flowers and plants look really great but all too soon are gone. Most people would prefer to have their garden looking better for longer. Fortunately, there is a lot that you can do to make your exterior home and garden looking better for a longer period of time.

Matt Myette Landscaping Offers Tips To Get Your Spring Garden Looking Better For Longer

Use Flower Accent Planters & Pots: You don’t have to utilize just the garden areas you have at the back of your property to provide color. You can add some accent planters near the doorway or even sitting in the garden. They can help to add interest and when they are done with their bloom they can be removed from the area. The plants in the planter are only part of the look. The pot or planter itself can add some cool architecture as well. Start with some fun plants that have some different shapes and colors. You can even change them out for each season to match the time of the year. It is a convenient and modern way to add color, texture and season friendly plants to your home. Be sure that you take time choosing the layout of the planter and what pots you want to use. The placement is also important and you will need to know what kind of sunlight the plants you choose will need.
Use Your Ground Garden Beds to Plant Annuals: If you are looking to fill up some space and change the look of your garden bed you can use annuals in the space. An annual is a plant that will only last one year and will need to be removed and a new one planted the next year. Some people like to keep their annuals separated from their perennials. The perennials are the plants that will come back each spring and don’t have to be replanted. The great thing is not to be afraid to mix and match. Have some great perennials that you love and change it up each year to fill up the rest of the area with the latest and greatest when it comes to annuals. Just make sure you know what needs to be removed and what can stay at the end of the year so you pull out the annuals and not the perennials by accident.
Spotlight Flowering Bulbs: People love to have a really cool burst of color when their garden starts to bloom. One of the coolest ways to do that is to use flowering bulbs. The problem is that you need to have a good eye and imagination. You need to think about when the bulb is going to come up and what color and texture it will bring to the area. When choosing bulbs make a chart so you know when they normally bloom and where you want them to come up from.

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