Landscaping Tips & Tricks for Beginners; How to Design Landscape in Front & Backyard in Morrisville, VT

When you think of the landscaping design for your home, you envision beauty that compliments your residence. Unfortunately, getting to that end result is easier said than done. If you don’t have any experience in landscape design, you may have no idea where to even start with the design of your landscaping. Matt Myette Landscaping to talk about some helpful strategies when planning a successful landscaping design.

Landscape & Garden Focal Point Ideas

One important thing to consider when designing your landscaping is where and what the focal points will be. The key is to have your focal points stand out without being too loud. You may think that you need a big water feature or statue to do the job, but there are several ways to bring in different shape and texture to your landscape design. Different plant life can also be focal points in your landscape design. Whatever you choose, it should direct the line of sight in a pleasing way throughout your yard.

Don’t Make Landscape Design Choices that are too Curvy

While curves are pleasing to the eye, you can get carried away with the kidney shaped planting beds. When you are planning curves into your landscape design, choose long curves that are more subtle. This is especially true when you are planning the pathways in your landscaping. Don’t make the paths so curvy that you are taken far from your destination to stay on the path. Remember, less is more in some instances.

Consider Mature Plant Sizes in Your Landscaping Design Plan

When you are selecting the plants for your landscaping, most of them will probably be pretty small when you purchase them. Keep in mind that they will grow considerably larger and might not look as good as you thought in the design. Find out the mature size of all the plants you select and plan for their mature size when deciding on placement. You don’t want to put a bush that will grow so large it completely covers the window that it is planted in front of.

Add Movement When Designing Landscape

You want to have a certain amount of movement in your landscaping design. This may come from choosing plant life that will attract birds and insects like butterflies to add movement to your flower garden. You may want to put in a beautiful water feature to experience the serenity of water slowly trickling down a path. Movement in your design will add appeal that you can’t get anywhere else.

Remove Bushes, Shrubs & Other Unwanted Areas in Old Landscaping

If there are some existing elements in your current landscaping that are eyesores, but you are hesitant to get rid of them, know that you might be better off without them. Even if these elements are large like a deck, if it is worn and dilapidated, your landscaping design will benefit from removing them rather than keeping them.

Landscape Design, Architecture & More in Greater Morrisville & Lamoille County, Vermont

Creating a landscaping design can be an overwhelming thing to tackle on your own. Matt Myette Landscaping has years of experience and the expertise needed to help you design the perfect landscaping for your home or business. Call us today for an appointment.

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