How to Protect Grass in Winter in Morristown, VT; Lawn Fertilizer, Treating Snow Mold & More

Most people do not give their lawns a second thought once the winter air settles in. When spring time flirts with its arrival, lawn enthusiasts will prepare to get their lawn ready for the warmth. However, despite the inactivity of your lawn during the winter months, there are a few things you can do to ensure the health of your lawn. With that in mind, we at Matt Myette Landscaping would like to share a few tips and advice for the care of your lawn during winter.

Winter Grass & Lawn Care Tips

1) Do not turn a blind eye to your lawn just because it is cold. Though the majority of the maintenance is done at the beginning of spring or at the end of fall, keep the landscaping and maintenance in sight.
2) Fall fertilization can be done as late as November as long as the winter frost hasn’t frozen the ground. If you are uncertain if your lawn qualifies, contact A Gorgeous Lawn and we will happy to assess your turf. Keeping your yard healthy through the cold season is essential with the winter lawn fertilizing.
3) Lawn mowers have had a whole season to dull the blades and then the mower will be stored in the shed for the season. With sharpened blades, you can ensure the grass is evenly cut to improve the aesthetics and to contribute to ward off disease. Be sure to get your mower maintained including oil change, cleaning, blade sharpening, and proper clean storage.
4) As the snow dissipates and the winter winds cease to howl, signifying that the winter is coming to an end. The threat with this is the snow mold that endangers your landscape. Wet, cold weather creates fungus. Make sure your lawn is properly fertilized and maintained during the cold weather in order to prevent the snow mold. With special fungicides and seeding strategies snow mold is efficiently treated.
5) During the wintertime, lawns and trees do not require much attention. Despite requiring less, winter maintenance is still important. Customized care is ideal, recruit Matt Myette Landscaping to evaluate your lawn and landscaping and we will present optimal solutions to maximize the health.

Winter Lawn & Yard Care Terminology

In an effort to help you understand the winter lawn maintenance, we included winter maintenance terminology below.
Anti-desiccant: To help trees maintain moisture in colder conditions, an anti-desiccants, a type of foliage spray, is applied.
Lawn Aeration: To eliminate the compaction of the soil and to allow for access to nutrients, oxygen and water with aerating your lawn, which is the removal of the plugs in the soil.
Lawn Fertilization: A mixture of essential nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and other important ingredients that is applied to the surface of the turf to promotes plant and turf growth through proper and periodic use; an additional tool to prevent snow mold.
Micro-nutrients: Small amounts of essential nutrients found in plants to grow properly.
Pre-emergent Weed Control: A preventative treatment that helps stops future weed growth.
Power Seeding: A technique that incorporates turning up the soil to achieve the correct seed-to-soil contact, which is done by applying seed to a yard.
Reseeding: A technique used to thicken the more thin areas of your lawn.
Snow mold: A fungus type disease that develops in wet, cold weather and if left untreated it can lead to root rot.
Soil Enrichment: Organic supplements and microbes that enhance the quality and health of the soil.
Yard Fertilizer: A compound mixture that contributes to the facilitating of growth by major and micro- nutrients.

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