Can You Landscape in the Winter Months in Stowe, VT; Cold Weather Landscaping Design Process

Winter is officially upon us, and as the snow piles up and the temperatures drop to nauseating lows, there are projects, maintenance, and improvement goals you want to tackle. To get your landscaping ready for spring, it is essential you know that a well designed landscaping isn’t going to happen overnight; it takes time. Depending on the elements involved and surrounding circumstances, the creative process should never be rushed, and to have your landscaping by the spring or summer, it is important that start the designing process now. With that in mind, we at Matt Myette Landscaping would like to take the opportunity to explore cold-weather landscaping designs.

Landscape Design Process

To compliment the landscape architecture, factors such as hardscape elements or drainage, water features, carpentry, bushes, grass, trees, maintenance, lighting, and other such features need to be considered for the end result. To achieve the maximum potential your landscape has to offer, soliciting the help of a professional is recommended. On top of knowing what you want in your design, the state and federal design requirements need to be understood as well. A professional understands the regulations as well as keeps in mind, your budget and aesthetic desires.

Cold Weather Landscape Design

Take the time to choose the details in all of the different aspects and make certain you and the professional are on the same page. In the long run, a lot of money can be saved without using the wrong materials and by early identifying potential problems. Navigating through any needed permit processing can be done before the beautiful weather hits as well. Many people institute electrical and even plumbing aspects into their landscaping. From lighting, to ceiling fans on the porches, as well as outdoor kitchen options and to the possibility of filtering for ponds and so on, electrical wiring is an important consideration in the designing of your landscaping. Plumbing is equally important, fresh water pounds, outdoor kitchens, and other such options will require plumbing installations.

Trends in Landscape Industry

There are many different trending landscape options you can consider. Stone pathways, native vegetation, edible gardens consisting of herbs, spices, veggies, and fruits, fire pits, masonry BBQ grilles, outdoor kitchens, and other such commodities can add variety to your landscape and with it customized to fit your wants and needs, the landscaping can be your own unique design. With the experience of Matt Myette Landscaping, our team of design specialists can help you decide on the optimal plants such as annuals and perennials with shrubs and trees to maximize the aesthetics as well as consider the maintenance. Additionally, our design team can help you line your landscaping to offer more privacy or other home benefits to improve the HVAC system and so on. Harmonizing your home’s architectural accents and greenery is also in mind as we help you design your landscaping to flow seamlessly.

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No matter what attributes and focal points you have in mind for your landscaping design, Matt Myette Landscaping has the experienced bricklayers, stonemasons, and carpentry experts at your disposal. Don’t wait; call us now during these cold winter months to get your landscape ready for spring!

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