Types of House Siding Materials in Hyde Park, VT; Metal, Vinyl, Wood & Fiber Cement

Regardless of what siding is made of, it has two functions. First to protect your home from the elements and second, to give your home design. There are different types of siding and while there are some that come and go there are some that have remained standard in the industry. If you’re looking for new siding, it’s good to understand what your options are.

Types of House Siding

1. Metal siding– Metal siding can be steel or aluminum and is a good option if you’re looking for low maintenance. This makes it a popular choice for newer homes. Horizontal metal siding comes in strips that have a mounting flange on the top to nail it in. The edges are interlocking at the bottom to seal against weather. Metal siding comes in many different styles that include horizontal and vertical strips and panels. It usually comes from the factory with a finish to protect against corrosion. If panels are unfinished then they are galvanized to protect against corrosion. Extra coating can be added for more protection. One downfall with vinyl siding is that it can dent easily, and it can be noisy.
2. Vinyl siding– To provide lower cost siding with even lower maintenance, vinyl siding was introduced. It too comes in strips with interlocking edges and a tool is used to join and separate the strips of siding. It comes in a variety of styles with different colors that can be horizontal or vertical. Vinyl siding can also come in different textures that can make it look like wood. It’s an option to cover old wood siding but is prone to cracking in cold weather. Installation needs to be done properly to avoid warping or buckling.
3. Wood siding– When it comes to wood siding it goes without saying it’s the best-looking option. Wood siding can be planks, boards, panels and shingles. Wood siding has been around the longest, but the main drawbacks would be the high-cost and lots of maintenance. There are many styles and textures to choose from and it can be installed vertically or horizontally. Wood siding is easy to repair but hard to install over other siding. It also needs to have an exterior finish applied and it can be prone to sun damage, rot and insects. It can also split and warp. The cost can be high and will depend on the wood used.
4. Fiber cement siding– This is a newer type of siding that is durable and low maintenance. This siding is made from materials that have been recycled, making it a great option for resource-efficiency. It is cut and installed just like wood siding and comes in many shades like wood, so it can be very hard to tell the two apart. It costs more than metal and vinyl but is very durable and because it can’t be affected by rot or insects, it’s pretty much maintenance-free.

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