Landscaping Design Pros & Cons of River Rocks & Pebbles VS Mulch in Morrisville, VT

When you want to have your landscaping updated there are lots of options that you need to choose from. One area that some people don’t know much about is whether to use mulch or rock as the final additions to your landscape design. They are both optionx used as a way to cover ground but they each have pros and cons you should consider.

Matt Myette Landscaping Compares Using Mulch Or Rocks in Your Yard, Landscape & Garden

What Are the Benefits Of Using Mulch on Your Lawn: When you choose to use mulch around your trees and other shrubs you will notice better growth. Studies have shown that trees and other plants that are surrounded by mulch showed better growth than trees that were left exposed. The mulch also help with the evaporation of the water that is used to feed the tree. That means that you are able to use less water and be more environmentally friendly. The mulch can also help to combat weeds that tend to show up in the dirt that is left exposed. It is also a great way to keep the ground and the plants at the right temperature for healthy growth.
Cons of Using Mulch in Landscaping: One part of having mulch around your trees, plants and other shrubs is that you are going to have to replace it each year at a minimum. You need to use the right amount of mulch or you could cause some unwanted stress on the trees. Too much mulch can stifle the ground around the plants and also cause the plants nearby to grow in late. That means that you may not get the amount of growth out of them that you usually do.
Benefits Of Using Rock in Landscaping: One of the most amazing things about using rock is that they don’t slowly dissolve, or breakdown so you don’t have to continually replace them. The rocks are only leaving your property if the kids pick them up and walk off with them. If you have any concern at all about wildfires that could pop up near your home rocks are a great barrier. The mulch will allow the fire to spread while rocks are a great way to stop it. Another added benefit of using rocks is that it helps to keep erosion to a minimum.
Cons of Rocks in Landscaping: One problem that can occur when you use rock in your landscape is they get hot. If they are exposed to the sun for too long they can be hot to the touch which is a danger if you touch them. The rocks leave cracks in between them which allows for seeds to get in between. That means you may be dealing with weeds more so than when you use a mulch.

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