Picking a Tree for Your Landscape Design in Stowe, VT; Deciduous or Evergreen, Size, Birds & More

When you are ready to start looking at your homes landscape most people look for the best fit. You have a specific amount of space that you can use and most people want to make the most of it. You need to look at your space and then plan for the features you know you want. Some of the most common additions to landscape are outdoor living space, fire pits and even a new deck. The deck is an extension of the house but is also a part of the outdoors. One part of landscape that needs attention and some thought put into it is what tree or trees to choose. The tree is s staple of the outdoor space and you need to ensure that the tree you choose is right. It is something that if you take good care of it will be there for a lifetime or more.

Matt Myette Landscaping Outlines What You Need to Consider When Choosing the Right Tree for Your Landscape

Do You Want Deciduous or Evergreen Trees?: There are really two main types of trees that you want to consider. If you want a tree that keeps their foliage and green look through the cold winter months then an evergreen is the way to go. They will not drop all the leaves or needles and can keep the nice green coloring all year. If you are a lover of all the fall colors then a deciduous is the way to go. This is the kind of tree that is the epitome of the fall weather. When the weather starts to cool off the leaves will first start to change colors then fall off! The tree will be bare in the winter because it has gone into a dormant state. The planting of these trees are also important since they do best on the side of the house that gets sun in the winter and some shade in the hot summer.
How Much Space Does a Tree Need to Grow?: Another and extremely important part of picking out the right tree is the size that is needed. The tree is going to often be small when you first place it in the ground but they are not meant to stay that way. The tree will over time grow to reach its full potential. That is why the size is so important. Not just the part of the tree that you see but also the root system. You want to make sure that it has a good amount of space. You need to know what your particular tree needs and how much space is recommended.
What Birds & Wildlife Will Be Attracted By Your Trees?: You also want to know what types of pests and wildlife are going to be interested in your tree. You want to know what you need to defend against or what you can expect coming around. Wildlife is one of the best parts of the outdoors but you want to ensure they are not causing damage to the rest of your landscaping.

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