Stone Landscaping Ideas for Front Yard & Backyard in Morrisville, VT; Walls, Patios, Walkways & More

Stone is a desirable material to utilize in your landscape. It gives a feeling of permanence, durability and elegance. There are many different types of stone that can work in a variety of both formal and informal designs. Ashlar, which is cut or manufactured stone can be used for a more formal and modern look as the shape of the stone is uniform with straight, defined edges. Rubble is cut or irregularly for a more informal, natural look.

Stacked Stone Retaining or Decorative Wall

Stone is most often used in walls, walkways and patios. Rubble is usually dry stacked or set with mortar while ashlar is most often shaped to support an interlocking system. A flat stone header is typically placed on top to complete the wall and give it a finished appearance. Walkways and patios can take on many different looks depending on the type of stone used. Flagstone is most often made from porous limestone, sandstone or bluestone that hold up better in cold climates like Vermont. They are also not as slippery when wet as other materials. A modern, formal and clean look can be obtained with these types of stones in a walkway or patio while irregularly shaped stones set in a curvilinear walkway or patio area creates an interesting, informal look.

Stone Landscaping Ideas

Stone mixes well with metal, brick and other materials. Stone columns with metal fencing accents or brick edging along a stone walkway work well together. Stone also forms a great base for a wood or metal fence. Here are some other ways stone can be incorporated into a home landscape, including several you can do yourself:
– large, washed, round river rock creates the appearance of water in a curvy narrow “dry stream bed”. This can be functional such as part of stormwater management in a low area of your yard or symbolic such as in a Japanese garden.
– flat stones can be used for stair treads
– large boulders can be utilized as a focal point or as part of a waterfall feature
– Belgian block can create a circular terrace with a center fountain, sculpture or planter
– decomposed granite can form the base material in a Zen garden
– lining water features with rubble stones not only keep down the lining edge, but help create a “natural looking” transition in the yard.
– rubble or fieldstone can create an elevated semicircle around a slightly sloping area to highlight in your yard
– rock garden
– 18″ wide river rock beds near your house or other buildings helps keep vegetation and moisture away from house and aids in pest control
– large slabs of stone can be used for benches
– randomly scattered large size rocks built into a hillside help erosion control and also offer footholds for plant maintenance
– stone columns can be used in a pergola
– build an outdoor barbecue surround or fireplace with stone

Stone Landscaping Ideas in Greater Morrisville, Stowe & Lamoille County, Vermont

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