Wood or Composite Deck VS Concrete or Paver Patio in Morrisville, VT? Which to Recommend When Designing Backyard Outdoor Living Space?

For those that like having an outdoor space to relax and let loose, there is an age-old debate over a deck or patio. Which one is the better option? They both obviously have their positives and negatives, so how in the world do you choose between the two? Matt Myette Landscaping is here to talk about the two and hopefully help you come to a decision on which one would fit in your backyard the best.

Patio Basics; Concrete or Pavers

Patios are primarily made up of concrete, however, some people like to design their patio using pavers, bricks and other materials. All of which have their own beauty. Sometimes patios are connected to the back of the house, but there are some that are constructed away from the house at a different location in the yard.

Deck Basics; Wood or Composite

Decks are made up of wood or composite material and are usually connected to the back of the house. They require some sort of support system to keep them up off the ground. Sometimes they are built off the ground level of the house, and sometimes they are constructed as a balcony off a room on upper levels, like the master bedroom. Most decks have railings around them, but some are built without.

Design Your Backyard Outdoor Living Space

When you are deciding which one would best suit your home, try to envision what you will use this outdoor space for. Patios are a great place for fire pits, while a deck is a great way to surround a hot tub for relaxing. Look at your lifestyle and what you want out of your outdoor space when making a decision.

Size Up the Property Lot

Usually, a patio takes up less space than a deck. If your property isn’t very large, you might not want the entire backyard eaten up by a deck, no matter how beautiful it is. Some properties aren’t level and won’t allow a patio to be poured, and in this case, a deck would be the clear choice. Your property has a lot to do with the decision between a deck or patio.

Deck or Patio; Cost and Maintenance Factors

The cost and maintenance of a patio versus a deck are quite different. If you choose a patio, they tend to be lower maintenance than a deck. If you have your deck built from composite material it isn’t difficult to maintain, but when built from solid wood, it will require quite a bit of care. The cost of a deck versus patio are different as well. Decks generally run more expensive than a patio, but that will depend on the size you choose and materials you choose to have your deck made out of.

Patio & Deck Inspection, Repair, Restoration & Installation in Greater Morrisville, Stowe & Lamoille County, Vermont

No matter which option you choose, having a deck or patio off the back of your house will be added space and added value to your home. Matt Myette Landscaping offers patio or deck installation and can help you decide which one would best suite your home. Call us today for more information.

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