Front & Backyard Privacy & Other Landscaping Ideas in Morrisville, VT; Fast Growing Trees, Patio or Deck Installation & More

The weather is starting to warm up and the temperature is perfect to start spending time outdoors. This might be when you start to notice that your yard and landscape maybe doesn’t fit your lifestyle. Your property is an extension of your home and it should not only look great but you should be able to use it as well. A standard grass lawn is out and updating the look and feel of your lawn, landscape and property is the new trend. There are several additions and changes to your landscape to make it not only more beautiful but more functional as well.

Matt Myette Landscaping Lists Landscape Additions You Can Make To Add Function & Design To Your Yard

Privacy Trees: Not everyone has the space to enjoy their yard or lawn without the peering eyes of their neighbors. If you want a great way to add some privacy and beauty planting new trees and shrubs is the way to go. The landscaper can design it so that the trees will cover some of the areas of concern while adding shade to the yard as well. Adding some shrubs and other foliage will help to blend the new trees into the area.
Install a Patio or Deck: If you walk out of your house and to your lawn is there a place to set up a party or barbeque? If not then you may want to add a patio or deck! These can be an extension of your home and dining areas. The patio or deck can be built off the side of the home and often times off the kitchen. This living space extension will need to be designed to function for you and what you want to do. You can then place a barbeque, table and chairs. These are all great ways to show off during a family gathering or a quiet dinner with your loved ones. The patio or deck installation will need to be designed and permitted by your county or city that you live in. You will have to do some maintenance over time to keep the area looking its best.
Add Game or Sport Courts: If you have an area of your lawn that you want to use for games or activities there are some great options. With a grass area there are some different games that you have installed such as a putting green. You can brush up on your golfing skills without leaving your own yard. You can also have bocce ball, croquet or a horseshoe pit. Mini basketball or tennis courts are also fun options.
Have a Fire Pit Built: Once the weather starts to cool down it seems that less and less people spend time outside. There is a great way to use your yard and property all year round and that is by installing a fire pit! A fire pit is a great place to not only sit around on a chilly night but you can even cook food and snacks there too.

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