How to Plan & Design the Perfect Deck in Morrisville, VT; Decking Material, Entertaining Needs, Size, Shape & More

Having a space outdoors to spend time with your loved ones is a great addition to any home. Planning for the perfect deck for your home is a very personal choice. The task may seem overwhelming when you take into account all considerations. Matt Myette Landscaping is here to share some tips to help you design the right deck for your home.

Plan for the Way You Will Use Your Deck

Think of the reasons you want a deck. You may be interested in entertaining large groups, or you may be more interested in an area for small gatherings. There are several features you can incorporate in a deck that might include:
• Firepit
• Spa/Jacuzzi
• Built in Furniture
• Container Gardening

What Size Deck Should I Build? Make Plans for Traffic Patterns

Considering traffic patterns on your deck are especially important if you are interested in built in furniture. Sometimes, these patterns won’t make much sense until the furniture is on the deck and it is finished, but you will want to make plans only after you have considered traffic patterns. This will help ensure you have the space needed to accommodate different features and the amount of traffic they will create.

Choose Best Composite or Other Decking Material

You also need to decide what material you will use in constructing your deck. There are several materials like composites and PVC that are basically maintenance free, but carry with them a hefty price tag. You may decide to go a different route and choose cedar wood that will require a bit more maintenance, but will be made from natural materials.

Decide the Shape & Size of Your Deck

A deck can add visual appeal and beauty to any home. Part of that beauty comes from the shape and size of the deck. A general rule says that a deck shouldn’t be larger than 20% of the home’s square footage. A lot of people are thinking outside that box and creating beautiful spaces outside with their deck that adds even more appeal to the home. Sometimes choosing unusual angles and curves will give your home character and set it apart from other traditional deck shapes.

Shade Solutions for Deck

When your area experiences harsh weather, you will most likely enjoy your deck more if there is refuge from the elements. This can especially ring true during the summer when the hot sun is beating on the deck area. You may consider adding an awning to offer some reprieve from the elements. Often, built in planter boxes are coupled with an awning to grow and foster a climbing plant that will fill in the open spaces in the awning and create real shade.

New Wood Carpentry Deck Construction & Existing Deck Inspection, Repair, Restoration & More in Greater Morrisville, Stowe & Lamoille County, Vermont

No matter what your dreams are for your deck, Matt Myette Landscaping can help make those dreams a reality. Whether you are planning to build a new deck or restore and make improvements to an old one, our expert carpenters can bring all the elements you are looking for to your deck space. Call us today!

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